B Miranda He and his home, in Santa Cruz, in the western part of Rio de Janeiro, that’s why he didn’t go which party Dulan Bezera He was promoted to fans in São PauloOn the night of Wednesday, December 21.

The runner from “A Fazenda 14” shared on her social networks her boyfriend Gabriel and his parents, living together in the house where they live.

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The simplicity of the place attracted netizens and they also reported that many questioned the young woman’s financial situation. A modest brick house, unpainted, sparsely furnished.

“Miri, I am going home now. That’s really far! Friends, now I will show you where I sleep. ” Pia said showing the rooms.

Gabrielle’s father took kindly to his daughter-in-law and interrupted her: “But now you are!

drink And Gabriel doesn’t have a room of his own and shares it with the brother of a tire repairer. Showed the atmosphere and was joking at the mention of chaos.

“The room was not like those people. This is Ismail’s bed, this is my bed where I slept on the floor with Gabriel. The one I sleep in, the one Luisinho sleeps in, and he’s confused. He is only male, so there is confusion. O ruler, O Nath, O Lord!”.

Mother-in-law Bia celebrates Miranda’s return

Gabrielle Rosa’s mother praised the ex’s return and showed a perfect relationship with her granddaughter Gretchen.

“And! Sweet Bee Miranda, folks. I am happy! My daughter is back home. She’s more than just a hero, people.”

drink She reciprocates the affection and reveals that she’s going to take her boyfriend’s parents out to a pizzeria for the first time, an event they’ve never had the chance to do.

“Guys, now I’m going to take my father-in-law and my mother-in-law, so we can eat out right? Father-in-law look here! Oh God! Am I going out to eat? We have not gone before, so we are going today.”

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