Humberto Martins has revealed his political stance in the 2022 presidential election. The actor, once a supporter of Jair Bolsonaro (PL), now prefers to remain independent and has revealed that he intends to vote zero. He said, “I don’t vote for anybody and anything God wants, you know? I want it to be good for everyone.”

This statement was delivered to the location of F5, Folha de S. Paulo. Martins, who currently plays Guerra in the TV series infectionHe already had problems with his fellow station mates because of his political position.

According to O Dia, in May 2019, Martins published posts supporting Bolsonaro on the cast of the series. Summer 90 on WhatsApp. His position caused intense controversy and Jesuita Barbosa (Lula supporter) He chose to leave the group.

However, the veteran actor has now said he is on good terms with his co-stars on Gloria Perez’s opera and said he has never been treated differently because of his political stance.

“It’s not even that someone treated me differently because of my political stance. I think politics is the same as religion: it’s not discussed, it’s respected. That’s it,” he said.

He added, “Since I joined Globo, my only home 34 years ago, I have learned that respect is the foundation of everything. I also treat my colleagues and people around me with love.”

Despite appreciating the respect he’s received at Globo, the actor admits he doesn’t like the fact he no longer has a fixed contract with the broadcaster. He now only works for a specific job, in a company strategy that has influenced the most famous names in Brazilian theater, such as Marietta Severo And that Osmar Prado.

“I have been in this business for two years now. Honestly, I like being an employee and I thought the relationship between employee and boss was more peaceful. It’s over and over now. We have to be open to new projects and formats,” declared Martin.

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