Arthur Aguirre comments on BBB 22 and rejects the 'Brazil darling' moniker


Big Brother Brazil 22 decided to “open up the game” and talked about winning the audience’s affection

Photo: Playback / YouTube - PrimoCast's official channel.
Photo: Playback / YouTube – Official channel of PrimoCast.

At the end of six months Big Brother Brazil 22And that Arthur Fang, one of the participants who became the hero of the version commented on his relationship with the audience. By participating in PrimoCast, a podcast presented by Thiago Nigro, The singer rejected the title “Baby of Brazil”.

After the presenter of the program commented on the fact that Mira Cardi’s ex-husband moved from “cancelled to the beloved of Brazil”, The actor decided to make amends by talking to the podcast host. “Just one correction: I didn’t give myself that nickname and I don’t think I’m Brazil’s darling. The truth is: whoever made the champion. I think my beloved Brazil is very strong.he said

The winner of the program continued to comment on the matter and reinforced the fact that he is a hero, but again rejected the word “darling”. “Champion. It is true. My love is very strong.”Arthur Aguirre said. The celebrity ended the episode by commenting on how she handled criticism from netizens.

“It is not easy for you to read so many unpleasant things about yourself. It messes with psychology. Obviously. The thing is: I decided to look less. So, I let it affect me less because it doesn’t ‘get to me’.He clarified by stressing that he is handling the situation well.

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