Andre Marinho won the final fire test.  See who's in the TV news booth

Andre Marino Get the ultimate fire experience in Farm 14 This gives the power of the lantern which will be used during the creation of the next shoal. Pelle Malefellow, Farmer of the Week, remains out of contention. Bee Miranda, Ellen Cardoso and Petala Barreros lost in the penalty area🇧🇷 Barbara Borges and Iran Malfitano also participated.

The walkers were divided into two groups of three and had to complete three different steps together. The group that completes the course in the shortest time wins. Barbara, Malfitano and Marinho emerged victorious, electing the former powerhouse duo to remain in power🇧🇷 Guide not submitted by PlayPlus.

In a conversation between the stranded, they said that the difference between the groups’ flights was just over a minute. One of them had a Rubik’s Cube-like box that needed to be pushed. Body weight Cause of Dancer’s Funk ComplaintHe claimed that having three women in his team was a disadvantage.

“They were wooden squares of different sizes. I don’t need to talk about women’s strength vs. man’s strength. I got sick petals. It is very different compared to the strength of Iran,” Allen complained.

Before the debate, Adrian Galistou reveals the salad chosen by the public On Red Parchment: The person holding the item will be able to point to the fourth farmer in the HQ or bay workers. The taste of the farmer will continue this week.

Check out the power specs below:

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