While tiered pricing by seat location is new to AMC, it’s common for live events like concerts and games.

Are you okay with craning your neck at the movies to watch the screen from the front row? If so, you might find a better deal at AMC theaters — but moviegoers who prefer the middle of the auditorium might not be so happy.

AMC revealed. Plan Monday to make tickets for less desirable seats cheaper, while the more popular seats will cost more. Select locations are already using the new pricing model, while the rest of AMC’s domestic locations will introduce it by the end of 2023.

“Sightlines at AMC” will include three tiers of ticket prices, China said in a statement News release. Most of the seats in a given auditorium will be mid-level “standard sightline”, available at the regular ticket price.

“Value Sightline” seats include the front row plus some accessible ADA seats. They’ll cost less than a standard ticket, though you’ll need to sign up for the chain’s free member rewards program to get the deal.

Tickets in the middle of the auditorium – “Priority Sight Line” – will cost you extra. Moviegoers who pay for AMC’s “A-List” membership, which allows customers to see several movies each week for a monthly fee, won’t have to pay the extra fee.

Monday’s announcement did not specify the price difference, but the new model is already reflected when purchasing tickets at participating locations. An example is AMC Lincoln Square 13 in New York City, where “Titanic” 25th anniversary tickets cost $2 less for “value” seats and $2 more for “preferred” seats.

The difference may also vary by showtime or auditorium. “Magic Mike’s Last Dance” showing at the same venue was only $1 extra for “preferred” seats.

AMC said the new prices will apply to all showtimes that begin after 4 p.m. at participating locations. China’s “Discount Tuesday” shows will not be affected.

Although tiered pricing by seat location is new to AMC, it is common for many live events such as concerts and sports.

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