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This Sunday (21), the light Her work with the indigenous people of Brazil was recognized by receiving an award at the Cannes Film Festival.

During an event promoted by the Better World Fund and organized by the Amazonia Fund/UNESCO Alliance on the French Riviera, the artist was recognized for his commitment to the rights and culture of indigenous peoples.

The federal MP received the Alok Award on stage Celia Zachariaba and by the cacique Mapo Honey CoCurrently working in a telenovela Earth and PassionFrom TV Globo. In her speech, Celia highlighted the partnership with DJ and spoke about the importance of promoting the Aboriginal agenda:

On behalf of our dear friend and DJ Alok, we are here to thank you for this award and remind everyone of the importance of preserving the forest and local sounds. It is not enough to sing, to know the sacred prayers of the indigenous people, it is also necessary to protect the voices and lives of those who sing, and Alok understands this. This award is for him, because he not only learned to sing, but also the importance of preserving and protecting tribal voices and bodies. I take this opportunity to say that there is an urgency to oppose the passage of PL 490, and to change the time frame in the law for demarcating lands, making contact with isolated people more flexible. Allows expansion of already demarcated lands and exploration of indigenous lands by indigenous miners.

Mabo added:

I want to say that I trust each of you so much and believe that we can make a difference not just in words but in action. Make a difference to protect humanity, a healthier climate and clean water for future generations, so we can keep the world in balance. Finally, I would like to thank UNESCO and all the brothers who welcomed us and opened the doors for us to be present here and make this spiritual alliance. Finally, I would like to thank DJ and our brother Alok, because Bhavishi is the grandparent.

What a victory!

Alok’s US tour prevented him from coming to Cannes

Alok was on a US tour performing at the 27th Electric Daisy Festival (EDC) in Las Vegas and was unable to attend the event in person.

Despite this, he participated in the tribute meeting via video call and reaffirmed his desire to help indigenous people occupy the most diverse social space. Alok commented:

I am very excited: this award means a lot to me! I am sorry not to be with you because of the tour I am doing in North America. I thank Better World Fund, Amazon Fund Alliance and UNESCO and I want to share this award with the indigenous communities of Brazil who have fought for centuries for their identity and their right to live. In Brazil, what is still taught in schools today is a colonial approach that ignores the importance of the culture, knowledge and wisdom of people who have lived for thousands of years to respect, celebrate and preserve nature.

Very important!

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