This morning all the dancers in Faustão da Band have turned away. This column from Splash I learned that a meeting was held with the team and 17 dancers were notified of the closure.

As verified, these changes are part of the renewal of the program for 2023. People have heard assurances that Faustão will remain on the broadcaster, but the absence of the ballet is already part of the new format.

Separate pole dancers reported that the atmosphere of dismissal was “chilling”. One of them, who asked not to be identified, said, “It was so bad, on Christmas Eve, we didn’t feel like this. A very gloomy atmosphere indeed. They surprised us. “

The last recording with the dancers took place last night. The pros already knew they would be meeting this morning and had an idea of ​​the possible injuries, but not all of them would be removed.

Dancer Hadassah Baptista talked about the group class on Instagram. “This morning I fell apart from the ballet, in fact the whole ballet fell apart. We are still trying to figure it out, but we know that God is in control.”

The column also found that the “slimmer” look that the “Faustao na Band” will enjoy in 2023 is part of a major cost-cutting program underway. The goal is to attract as few people as possible.

According to the investigation, the “Faustou na Band” caused damage in other areas as well. Manufacturers are closed.

Asked, the band has yet to comment on the firing. The position is still open.

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