Igor Riki posted a video mocking the Cannes Film Festival with his wife Aline Werli. Domitilla Barros will be honored for her work as an influencer in the French program

© Play / Instagram feedIgor Ricci and Alan Werley tease Cannes, where Domitilla Barros is in attendance

Igor Rickly He posted a video featuring him and his wife, a singer Alan Werley, joking about the Cannes Film Festival, which runs through May 27 in France. In the photos, the actor mentions that he is in Cannes even though he is currently in Brazil, and they both start laughing. Some people on social media interpreted this as an attempt at satire Domitilla Barroswho participated in BBB 23 with Aline and will be honored as global influencers at the event.

In Cannes, Domitilla has a schedule that includes a charity gala at the invitation of the city’s mayor and will receive an award as the best influencer of the year in the sustainability category given by the World Influencer Association. It should be noted that she and Alan did not have a good relationship during the show.

Domitilla Barros – Photo: Globo

Igor says in the video “Good morning, we have arrived here in Cannes”And complete Alan The celebration will be held soon.Arousing laughter. Some netizens criticized the couple’s attitude, describing them as insufferable and childish, and wondered why they had changed their minds about them. There were negative comments about the couple not doing activities at home as they did not have any publicity work. In addition, they highlight Aline’s lack of conscience in publicly embarrassing her and mention Igor’s sarcastic attitude.

On the other hand, some people have defended the couple, saying that Igor has always been relaxed about film festivals and that he never made fun of Domitila. It should be remembered that Igor is an actor, and perhaps this is a joke of his style.

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