Alexandra Marjo says Marcelo Anthony insulted her for supporting Lola

Actress Alexandra Marjo took to Instagram today to protest the verbal abuse she said she suffered from actor Marcelo Anthony, 57, for wearing a president-elect poster. Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT).

Guys, I went to vote and when I came back with this beautiful bottom, me and my friend were called ‘b*dia’ by actor Marcelo Anthony. That’s what you hear: Marcelo Anthony, the actor, dressed as a Bolsonarista, angry, full of hatred, as it were. For this monster voter,” he said.

“That man called us ‘dogs’. Marcelo Anthony called us ‘bitches’ because we were wearing Lola buttons. Marcelo Anthony is part of that group which, thank God, I can say is very attractive in the artistic environment, which Bolsonaro supports. Marcelo Anthony Bolsonarista is an evil gynaecologist.

Splash I contacted Marcelo Anthony’s press office and this text will be updated when a response is received.

In the comments of the post, actress Isadora Ribeiro wrote: “Voting is free but these gross and sexual insults are inexcusable. What a disappointment.”

Alexandra Marjo replied: “He will respond to this in court. They will not pass!”

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