choir No costume, a duet with Cristiano, issued a note Monday afternoon (1/23), denying rumors that the singer was drunk last Saturday (1/21), when he did not go on stage at the 27th Festa de Santa Cruz. Rio Pardo, in the interior of São Paulo. Both performances were canceled after Zé Neto suffered a severe anxiety attack and needed to be rescued by the Emergency Medical Service (SAMU).

In a note, Certanejo’s team revealed that the singer has been treated to control the crisis. “Those who understand the treatment of anxiety, know the need for medication and in some cases to control the crisis, which happened to Ze Neto. Medicines can have a sleep-inducing effect to reduce stress levels,” the statement said.

In a statement, the team explained what happened in the show’s dressing room and warned that such cases cannot be taken lightly.

“We are talking about something serious and not to be underestimated, bearing in mind that it is something clinical that can be cured and it has been done. Unfortunately, crisis doesn’t warn, it just happens. Zé Neto served normally in the dressing room and had already prepared to join the team. ” Theater. Most likely, there was some crisis, that’s why SAMU was called so that he could get emergency services,” he explained.

However, according to the team, Zé Neto is doing well, but they cannot determine the cause of his anxiety crisis, which is completely normal in such cases.

“We are grateful to the fans and friends who are truly interested in the singer and this is an opportunity to ask for respect, especially those who are ignorant and persist in creating and spreading lies,” the note concluded. .

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