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Working relationships with other representatives of the Pantanal were extended to the station.

247 – It also marks the departure of Osmar Prado from the permanent Globo team, saying goodbye to Velho do Rio, one of the most important figures in the Pantanal. After 49 years with the network, the actor was fired due to current company policy. Now he, like most artists, needs to have a contract with the company only for specific work.

This information comes from O Globo newspaper columnist Patricia Kogot in an article republished on the portal. news. Osmar Prado has been with Globo since 1973, when he starred in Bicho do Mato, a TV series that is still shown in black and white.

Even after Osmar Prado’s departure, work relationships with other artists from the Pantanal have spread to the station. Isabel Teixeira is a case in point. Translator Maria Bruaca cannot stay away for long due to her contract and has already received offers for the next TV series Terra Vermelha, Nine in the AM and a second consecutive Fuzuay for the Seven O’Clock series. . .

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