After the end of Pantanal, the writer of the remake comments on the wonderful visuals of the series: "It affected the audience"


One of the commented scenes was the moment Velho do Rio married Jove and Zuma

Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo
Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

series Wet land It ended after being on air for seven months. The story is prepared and written Benedetto Roy Barbosa grandson, also updated by the author Bruno Luberi. During an interview with Gshow, Bruno He commented on some notable scenes which had a good impact on the viewers.

A moment in the series that was commented upon small began to change Old man from the river (Irandir Santos): “This is a scene that I consider the basis of this whole change, because when I read the first edition, in the light of our time, this figure of Leontios and his moral value would be very much in question. , once they made a fortune based on the exploitation and abuse of animals. So, in this whole passage where he leaves the pawns saying goodbye to all the elements that are drawn to this creature, there is a whole message of why this man is so enchanted. Old man from the river. They were really connected to nature. This scene will be etched in my memory, mainly because of Errand’s work and direction,” he said.

Bruno He also commented on the scene he is in Old man from the river Married / Married hollow And that Friday: “It was a scene that touched the audience a lot and had a great impact, and it’s one of the scenes that carries a lot of message in the series. Because God is above all love. It is a loving relationship not only between humans but also between animals of all species. Regardless of faith, everyone preaches something similar. No God hates or promotes discord. If I’m not mistaken, this whole possession was something I made up. I can’t tell now what’s from there.”

Another shocking scene in the plot was a moment Kill Maria (Juliana PaceJaguar. Bruno He also commented: “This scene is also the birth of a legend. Literally, from here on, we cut to Jill telling him in the boat that he saw the woman flip the jaguar in front of him. We tried to show everything from his point of view. Then he saw his wife transformed into a jaguar. It doesn’t matter if she already became a jaguar or not. He saw the woman he married, who lost her children and suffered a lifetime, become stronger. It is a force of nature.”

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