After being discharged from the hospital, Virginia Fonseca takes a look before and after giving birth;  View photos · TV news

Virginia Fonseca Social networks were used to record body changes after giving birth Mariam FlowerHer second daughter. YouTube compared the image taken on Saturday night (22nd) to the one taken on Sunday morning (23rd).

A before and after was shared at Virginia Stories on Monday (24). The post highlighted the size of the influencer’s stomach, which shrank in less than a day. “I’m recording everything to show you,” Zee Philip’s wife warned. “I’ll take the photo of the day tonight.”

Maria Flor was born in a hospital in Goiania. The YouTuber and the youngest daughter were discharged from the hospital on Monday. Virginia left motherhood on the side of Felipe Zee and two heirs – in addition to Maria Flor, they are the parents of one-year-old Maria Alice.

Virginia Fonseca records before and after birth

Since giving birth to Maria Flor, Virginia has shared her postpartum routine on social media. This Monday, she thanked influencer Zee Felipe, with whom she has been in a relationship since 2020. “My partner who is always with me, who never leaves my side,” she wrote in an Instagram post. .

Virginia announced the launch on Sunday Maria’s babyA brand of children’s cosmetics. According to a YouTuber, the company was created so that Maria Alice and Maria Fleur became heirs

“We have been looking forward to developing the brand since the beginning of the year,” he revealed. “Everything we do seems to be weighted towards our kids, and this brand is theirs and theirs. Of course, with my management, so that they can and want to take care of everything themselves.

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