After the eruption of Adrian Gallistu, "Devale's sister kicks the bucket" And hit the field: "crafty versions"


The presenter commented on the criticism, meaning comments she received from fans of the Bezerra family.

Photo 1: Official Instagram of Devlane Bezera.  Image 2: Official reproduction by Daniel Bezera/Instagram.
Photo 1: Official Instagram of Devlane Bezera. Image 2: Official reproduction by Daniel Bezera/Instagram.

During last Friday (16), Adrian Gallistoguest show Farm 14 He was interviewed by Gabriel Berlin’s column, WLL He commented on the criticism he received from Diolen Bezera’s fansA request to leave reality. In her speeches, the blonde revealed that “When these attacks started on me, I had never experienced anything like this before, never had such a severe attack in my life, and I went to find him again. I went to Roberto Justos, Brito Jr. I went to Marcos Mione”🇧🇷

Gossip Do Diya page with more than seven million followers on Instagram shared the famous lines. In the comments of the post, Daniel BezeraDevlane’s sister decides to speak up and, in response to Adrian’s lines, blows up RecordTV’s charms and the station itself.

“Often these programs deceive with their cunning impressions and crack the image of those who are ready to enter, and these same people remain silent for fear of clashing with the big television stations and those who present images of angels, but with family. It is different, we only fear God, not fear, he is respected, they say and do what they want, act badly, lie, deceive, but all this in sweet voice and beautiful words, which seem true to the naked eye, the characteristic of this truth. That is a lie!she said

Many netizens expressed their opinion and decided to refute Daniel’s comment. “You are saying that because your sister was not a crowd favorite and you chose her to win the show. Save me.”One person said. “The one who destroyed herself was her sister, who thought her belly was king and thought she owned the world.”Harassing another person. On the other hand, netizens decided to support Devle’s sister. “You said everything. Those who have pursued farming through PlayPlus know exactly what you are talking about.Defend a person.

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