An actual bombshell was announced early on Saturday (24). On Christmas Eve, news broke that one of the main facts TV recording This will not happen in 2023. This power couple is Brazil. Program led by Adrian GallistoIt will not be released next year.

R7 columnist, journalist gave this information Flavio Rico­čçž­čçĚ A column on the online portal, part of the same Record TV Group, reported: ÔÇťRecord will not feature the power couple in 2023. The format will be given a break of one year,ÔÇŁ and began to take notice. . Next, the stop at Bara Fonda will bring something new, the journalist also says.


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It will be replaced by another reality show which is already closed and will be aired in due course. Actions will be taken from the first days of the new year “, concluded Flavio Rico about the change in Record TV.

Interestingly, this year has not been good for network reality shows. In the latest edition of Power Couple, the contestants have been mean and disrespectful towards the attraction’s presenter, Adrian Galistu. When it comes to the farm, the rating is no different. Much has been said with handling.

Record TV has come under fire for its positions during TV competitions in 2022 and the cancellation position of power couple Brazil could be a major sign of a big change for the channel in the coming days. Behind the scenes, the fact board hinted at a possible change. Just know the next steps in the channel.

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