This Wednesday, the 28th, a resident of Gaspar, a resident of Rio do Sul, won the Trimania Vale main prize of 1 million Brazilian reals.

Orivaldo Luis de Araujo, a resident of the Marjem Esquerda neighborhood, was Gaspar’s champion. Another 11 residents of Blumenau have been honored in 30 spins of the sort.

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4th Draw Winner (million Brazilian Rials):

Elizabeth Fernandez Alves
South River

Orivaldo Luis de Araujo
Left Bank, Gaspar

Winners of the first draw (20,000 R$):

Gilberto Reis

Carlos Alberto Villatti
Balnerio Camboriu

Marley Aparechida Freitas de Lima

Second Draw Winner (Rs 20 thousand):

Jose Carlos Antunes

The goddess Giacomozzi
West River

Third Draw Winner (20,000 Brazilian Real):

Lucilia Light

Alberto Stolf
West River

Romeo McEnroe Neto
South River

Winners of 30 ranking rounds (5 thousand Brazilian Reas):

Mayella aparechida Mora Broach
Itopawazinha, Blumenau

Maria Rosana Radtke Ramos
Agua Verde, Blumenau

Carlos Gilberto da Silva
Old, Blumenau

Adelaide Santin
Old, Blumenau

Jerry Garcia
Itupava North, Blumenau

Ten Christine dos Santos
Villa Nova, Blumenau

Agricultural School, Blumenau

Joao Valdir Vieira
Gloria, Bluemenu

Admiral Imianovsky
Fortaleza, Blumenau

Old, Blumenau

Hulda Kramer Schlueter
Fortaleza, Blumenau

Pedro Felipe de Paula Santos
Kendra, Gaspar

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