A Fazenda 14: Devala reveals his habit of going to church and says he loses his confinement: 'getting hate out of his heart'


Associates in Group A were talking about life when the activist recalled the things she was forbidden to do because of her confinement.

A Fazenda 14: Temples reveal a desire for praise:
A Fazenda 14: Devale reveals his desire for praise: “To remove hatred from the heart.” Photo: PlayPlus Clone.

Attorney Diolan Bezera made a surprising revelation to associates on Fazenda 14 (Record TV) and admitted that he was missing in custody, This is usually done outdoors🇧🇷 In a conversation with her friends from Grupo A at headquarters on Thursday (24th) afternoon, Gori said she missed going to church.

On Ruka’s Elimination Day, the friends were talking about life when Biwa remembered the things she was forbidden to do because of her captivity. When she said she felt the need to go to a religious temple🇧🇷 “I miss going to church and singing praises. Remove this hatred from my mind.MC Kevin’s widow commented.

In her memoirs, the lawyer added: “We get bad thoughts from outside and then we sing praises to go to church, Talk to the pastor, open the Bible, read the Psalms🇧🇷 There are many methods we can follow. Ask those who love you if we are wrong. Here, we say something and then… “Okay, shit. I really did.”I analyze gold.

Lawyer did too A reflection on family and coexistence🇧🇷 “We love our family very much. With all faults, we spend our whole life with our family. Are there fights? are But, you see how different it is. Individuals, mistakes and quirks are too hard to live with.”Compare when considering relationships.

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