A Fazenda 14: Andre's wife sends the real story and says after being accepted by Deola and Petala: "They are ungrateful"


In an interview with IG, Dreka observed that group A participants lacked gratitude

Photo: Instagram/Drika Marinho (left) - Playback/TV recording (right)
Photo: Instagram/Drika Marinho (left) – Playback/TV recording (right)

a Compilation in Farm 14 It collapsed in no time Later, later matters Return to HQ🇧🇷 Devlin Last Sunday (4) draw a line, ring a bell and give a prize 1.5 million Brazilian Real🇧🇷 Yesterday (Monday 5) was my turn petal Ask to leave. Now only two remain: B Miranda And that Small strawberriesThose who remain firm in the debate.

On the other hand, the Group B Stronger than ever. matters However, he shoots as a heavy favorite to win the reality show Iran🇧🇷 Leather And that Andre You also dream of making money. On the web, the petal Pronounced: “A big thank you to all the Butterflies (fan club) who have been with us over the past few months and have been there every moment.”🇧🇷

Andre’s wife blew up the A group

Later, later Devlin And that petal Quit the program Drika Marinowife AndreHe gave an interview to the site IG He felt a lack of gratitude among the participants Compilation🇧🇷 “Andre never went out for anything, not even sponsorships, nothing. I never went to talk, never thought of giving up. Andre is the only one who has never complained about the product.”he said

“I think the other side lacks that a lot, they’re not grateful. They grunt and wonder when there is activity. It’s a game, you get into it and you know you want to make the goods. And the program makes an effort, Andre himself will comment: “Everybody wins prizes here.” Of course, there is the ultimate prize, which is the biggest, but everyone wins prizes there.”Accomplishment

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