A Fazenda 14: Alex Gallet blasts the famous Globo writer and doesn't mince words in his criticism: "This is junk..."

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Alex Gallet expressed a negative opinion of the famous Globo writer

Alex Gallet didn't mince words when the famed Globo writer was bombarded
© Play / PlayPlusAlex Gallet didn’t mince words when the famed Globo writer was bombarded

Author’s work Manuel Carlos Divide the opinion. The author’s perfect novels are true classics the globeBut these days, perhaps the novels are out of date and reflect a time that is not talked about today. This morning (28), in Farm 14And that Alex Gallet He was eager to express his negative view of the world.

The influencer mentioned that he saw it Life Pages Before entering the prison and the author is described as “macho” in front of other pedestrians. “Manuel Carlos It’s junk. What a stupid text. Such extreme sexism! “, he said.

Other prisoners also expressed their views. “In reboot you will see: “This task is related to the time”, nowadays it has this message “, barbarian. Iran Malfitano Then agree: “Sure. Also, because of the language they use…that’s what I said, Trabalhes would be in jail right now, and the Escola de Raimundo are all in jail.”‘, he announced.

Follow Alex in Reviews: “Language friend… Age should be around 15 years. a Terrible languageIt hurts to see this. Taken from these stories stupid, that’s bad. How sexual is the text! I traveled in that Manuel Carlos series. That Breakfast, Helena’s Wonderful Life. “The world changed,” my friend said, “and Alex saw who Manuel Carlos was.” I was a big fan, it’s so funny“, done.

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