The video shows Fernanda Paola Cagozzi hastily marking the hot iron number 22. As she stepped on the animal’s snout, the man caught the animal and marked it. The image was shared along with a sing-song voice that read, “Vote, vote and confirm.” 22 is Bolsonaro. (see above)

The photo went viral and prompted inquiries by influencers and animal rights activists. According to the Department of Agriculture, face recognition is liberalized for vaccination and herd control. However, none of them show the same size as the standard No. 22 vet.

The face of the calf was marked with the number 22 – Photo: Clone

In the case of female vaccination against brucellosis, which experts refer to as illustrated cases, the standard is to use the abbreviation “V” or the last number of the year of vaccination, in the second case, to follow the guidelines of the Ministry. agriculture

The left side of the face of a vaccinated female between 3 and 8 months of age should be marked with burnt iron or liquid nitrogen. Women vaccinated with B19 vaccine should be marked with the last digit of the year of vaccination. RB51 pattern should be marked with V,” he says. Remove from ministry list.

Following the outcome of the case, the Regional Veterinary Council of Tocantins has reported that it will open an investigation to take appropriate action.

“If it is found to be wrong, the professional may respond to the ethical process which will be analyzed and fully judged and may be punished,” the authority said.

After backlash on social media, the video was deleted by the vet, who also decided to lock the page on Instagram. Fernanda Paola Cagozzi also recorded a video explaining herself, this file has also been deleted, but it still appears on other pages. In the photo, she confirms that she made the appointment, but not at the level of the Ministry of Agriculture – to control the herd – and confirms that she is a supporter of Bolsonaro.

“I did not mark 22 on the face of the calf because of Bolsonaro, no. Because you mark the year on the calf, on the plate marking the month, and behind that, on the hip of the calf, you mark the property, in this case my father is Formula 1. I just did an action shoot, he’s been doing it ever since. First month and I will do it till 12th month. Next year it will be 23. So it has nothing to do with Bolsonaro. But I am Bolsonaro.” (See video below)

The vet gives a copy of the cattle tag and says she has no political motive

The law has allowed facial marking for livestock since the 1960s, although the Department of Agriculture provides standards for this marking. There are two types: marking with proof of vaccination and herd control. In addition, there are other patterns, but in other parts of the animal’s body.

The animal shown in the video is marked with the left side and the last two digits of the year.

According to the vet’s explanation, she ticked as compatible with herd control. However, No. 22 does not comply with those approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supplies.

a g 1 They consulted veterinarian Eudes Vieira Castro, MSc in Reproduction and Animal Health, who explained that the labeling did not comply with Agricultural Protection Agency (ADAPEC) regulations.

“Teaching another reason to control the herd, the plate can be marked on the face, where the view into the barn is best during handling. Now, with the number of years [no caso 2], only in the case of female pollen. In this case it is on the left side of the face. This aspect of female cows is for the control of vaccination against brucellosis. said the vet.

Mateus Baranhos da Costa, animal husbandry expert and professor of ethology and animal care at UNESP’s School of Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences, also analyzed the video. According to him, apart from being illegal, the freezing of the animal was not done properly.

“This symbol is completely unnatural. Apart from the practice by which this was done, it may mark animal abuse as the girl tramples on the calf’s head. This is not common or frequent. It was probably for political gain. The practice was completely wrong,” he said. Expert

The animal husbandry expert said: “Her discussion of hip markings is against a law published in 1965, which has nothing to do with animal welfare and only prohibits damage to the skin.”

The decree he is referring to states, “It is not permitted to mark cattle on the face and neck with a hot iron and below the imaginary line connecting the joints of the femur, humerus and ulna radius. Their fate is to protect the most useful part of the skin, called the groupon, from defects.” ”

Experts also explain that although fire marking cattle hides is an ancient and traditional process, it is stressful for animal welfare. some Farms all over Brazil have adopted this technology.

“Today this type of procedure is being changed.” Fire brand mitigation “is a cash-in project, with many farms already committed to the project. “Fire symbols can be replaced by tattoos, electronic or visual earrings, which can be identified by color,” said Matus Baranhos da Costa.

They say that change is necessary because of animal suffering.

“It is worth noting that the face of cattle in general is one of the most sensitive parts of animals, and the sign of fire is a second or third degree burn, and when two marks are applied to the face in this case, it causes sharp pain during use and later in the inflammatory process,” Mattus Barnhus explained.

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