The rapper performed 50 Cent at the Esplanada do Minero, asking people to come to the front of the stage (Photo: Alexandre Guzanche/EM/DA Press)

Chaos erupted in the second half of the first – already turbulent – ​​day of Planeta Brasil, the result of a brawl between event organizers and US rapper band 50 Cent, the night’s long-awaited final star at the Esplanada do Brasil. Minero, in Belo Horizonte.

After a highly competent Sticky Fingers show, in which the members’ picturesque looks drew as much attention as the music, Californian rapper Ty Dole $ign took the stage. He gave a short performance, backed almost entirely by pre-recorded bass and vocals, although there were instruments on stage, which were not used except for drums.

During the Ty Dolla $ign show, dozens of people, presumably guests, took over the front of the stage for press. At the end of the show, at 50 Cent’s request, no one else could stay in the venue, not even a reporter.

Riots broke out as people were escorted out by security guards and some of them resisted. When the area was finally cleared, 50 Cent, who was a huge hit in the 2000s, took the stage with his partners. At his first show in Belo Horizonte, a large part of the audience sang along with him.

Supported by a large structure, which other artists did not consider – a stage set – the rap star attracted the largest audience on Saturday (24/9). The first day of the festival was the most anticipated show.

50 Cent sang songs from his career. Not spared in the quotations of personalities like D. Dre and Eminem, American hip-hop references. He delivered a long-awaited show and showed that, yes, at the age of 47, he is one of the best in rap music.

Ego and eccentricity

However, the entire scheme built around the artist resonates with a pure equation of ego and prowess. To give you an idea, while in the wrapper box, several nearby entries stopped circulating.

Earlier, delays and disorganization at Planeta Brasil angered many visitors to the Esplanada do Mineiro. People complained about missing shows they wanted to attend due to changing schedules.

The show was about an hour later than originally announced. In the afternoon, spectators complained of confusion. The gates opened at around 3pm, three hours later than expected. There were huge queues.

The shows of at least eight artists have been canceled on Saturday (24/9) and Sunday (25/9): Poze do Rodo, Bin, Borges, Chefin, Orum, Orochi, PL Quest and Beelzin. According to Mainstreet, this was due to a “breach of contract by the contractor”.

On social media, Burgess said it was canceled due to problems with Planeta Brazil’s organization.

This Sunday (25/9), the last day of the festival, concerts by Lauren Hill, Marina Cina, KVSH, Julian Marley, FBC and VHOOR, 2 Chains, Jetlag, Marcelo Falco, Cat Dealers, McGalia, Black Allen, Jovim Diancio, Chico Chico , Baco Exu do Blues, and Filipe Ret, among other artists.

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