4 Who is leaving Roca here?

Grass is burning and 4 pawns are on Swind Farm. One of them will return as a farmer on Wednesday, but between the stranded Winnie, Bee, Barbara and Tati, who will be left? Vote in A Fazenda 2022 poll and see real-time opinion on DCI.

Vote Farm 2022

looks like Part of who should leave

Wasenda Poll 2022 – Who’s in the Country?

Winnie: The 32-year-old model and digital influencer ended up in the countryside after a farmer recommended her. Having participated in “D Vacation with X3” (MTV) and “A Casa” (Record TV), the boy is already an old acquaintance in the world of reality shows.

B: Gretchen’s granddaughter faces her first field and ends up in the hot seat after being voted out by the Walkers. During the voting, the young woman acted in the hut with Kerline and Thomas.

Barbara : The actress is in the country after falling in love with the farmer Biya.

Tate: Singer has one left.

Who is left now? Vote in the poll.

See the table:

Monday: Fire Detection (Sunday Record)

Tuesday: Rosa’s first production, live, 23:00 Brasilia time.

Wednesday: Farms tasting, live, 23:00 Brasilia time.

Thursday: First of the season at 23:00 GMT.

Friday: Shows the coexistence of passers-by and the start of the concert broadcast live at 22:45.

Saturday: The program is taped and shows everything that happened the night of the party. The attraction starts around 10:45 pm

Sunday: The Farm airs a little later, at 10:10 PM, and also shows the latest developments in the reality show.

Follow up Farm Votes in The Farm 2022 Poll in dci.

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